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Stratos Boats

Stratos Boats

Stratos boats are a brand of boats that prides itself for not using wood in any stages of its making. Unlike most bass and excursion boats, Stratos boats are all made from fiber and only on using it will you realize the benefits of fiber over wood components. Since the past twenty five years, Stratos boats have been producing professionally designed and performance bred boats that use cutting edge technology to give better results and customer satisfaction. Each Stratos boat is created using hand laid fiberglass with reinforced composites and numerous stringers. There are also knee braces and a shock dispersing system that provides for a smooth ride and a great fishing platform. 

Stratos Boats

Stratos boats are designed for optimum comfort and convenience and easy accessibility to wiring, pumps and other support systems. The interiors are vast to cater for your comfort and have equally large gear and rod storage space that can be locked up. Stratos boats are all designed with a long list of standard equipment wherein it is has now virtually eclipsed all other boat brands. Its safety and performance standards too are built to exceed the specifications set for manufacture of boats. 

Stratos boats come with a large variety of outboards and horsepower ranges. All its boats come with a great, low price with an elevated level of fit, finish and complete performance features. In addition to all this, it is backed with the confidence of a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

All of Stratos boats are created with a commitment of delivering Real Value and Real Performance, from the first layer of fiberglass to the final coat of wax applied to it. This is the reason Stratos boats have been awarded the Customer Service Index award for excellence in customer satisfaction for five years in a row. So instead of settling for something else, consider Stratos boats as price is not a matter anymore.

Stratos boats can be used for rough water handling and for stronger performance and greater confidence on the water. This boat is the best choice for big waters, big fish and big opportunities. And with the price not so big, Stratos boats can fit anyone’s pockets. Stratos boats come in two series; bass and excursion series. There are numerous models of boats in each category; all built with the same dedication and expertise of Stratos boats. You choose the right boat according to your needs and specifications.

The range of Stratos bass boats comprises of the models 176XT, 200XL, 201XL, 275XL, 285XL and 294SL. The excursion series consists of the models 375XF, 385XF, 386XF and 486SF. Each of these boats are a masterpiece on its own, and well worth investing in; what more do you want in a boat?

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